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Searching For Distinctive Definition Research Topic Ideas

A definition research paper explains what a specific word means. However, a definition paper goes beyond a simple word definition. It extends in giving broad examples in order to make the readers comprehend the terms more. Usually, abstract phrases are often used in definition essays because they leave more room for analysis. Are you writing a definition research paper, but can’t find the best topic? Don’t fret anymore, because in our list, you will find several outstanding subjects.

  • Success
  • What does the term “success” really mean? Does success apply to people who make a huge amount of wealth? Or do you think that accomplishments have nothing to do with money at any cause? What if real success is acquired after major failures?

  • Laziness
  • When your parents or friends tell you that you’re lazy, does it really mean you are? Or it is simply that you are not interested in the things they enjoy? If someone is lazy, does it mean they lack purpose? In some cases, it means that the person accused of being “lazy” finds passion and energy in different things and has other priorities.

  • Cheating
  • The word cheating is common when it comes to relationships. He cheated on her; she cheated on him and so on. However, does it really apply only on love relationships? You might want to define cheating when it comes to business, such as the employee that cheated on his boss by leaking important information to another competitive company.

  • Marriage
  • Most people define marriage as a man and woman living under the same shelter. However, some might want to define it as comprehensive to same sex couples while others might indentify it when it comes to polygamist relationships.

  • Family
  • Is family defined by the individual’s biological parents and siblings? What if you believe that your real family is your friends? Or maybe you would define your love partner as a family to you.

  • Home
  • Home is the place you live in and where you’re from. But what if it can signify the place your heart is?

  • A Good Person
  • Views differentiate between a person and another because people have different visions and as a result, their definitions vary. You might consider a person to be your good match because of his honesty, while your friend might consider him to not be the right partner due to his extreme innocence.

  • Honesty
  • People often define honesty as telling the truth fully. However, what if telling the truth might end up in disastrous effects? What if honesty is defined by others as a sort of rudeness?

  • Lying
  • We all hate liars! Who wants to have a lying friend anyway? However, we often define people who do not tell the truth as liars. But what if the truth hurts? Would not telling the truth in this case be considered as a form of lying?

People have different visualizations and tastes in life. That’s why everyone turns out to be dissimilar from the other. Even the same phrases are used differently by people depending on many factors. Definition articles define a term by interpreting it in different forms. Now that you’re prepared with a better knowledge of definition essay topics, you can move on deciding which one to select.