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General Research Paper Writing Rules for College Students

To achieve utmost excellence in almost anything you undertake, you require not only knowledge but also a positive attitude and confidence to achieve your goal.The following guidelines should be able to assist you when writing a research paper.

  • Choose your topic
  • Get a subject that challenges and interests you. A topic that is not very technical and one with an extensive source of materials. Your attitude on your question will significantly influence your enthusiasm and effort you invest into your research. Narrow down your topic i.e. from “fishing” to “world fishing” to “fishing in the Mediterranean Sea” then get the teacher's approval to go ahead before starting your research.

    • Find information
    • Use online encyclopedias and useful URL’s. Make use of domain name extensions like .edu, .gov, .org, they represent institutions and can be very reliable. Be on the lookout for political bias government sites. Always evaluate websites well and search effectively to avoid inappropriate sites and waste less time. Visit public or university libraries and talk to knowledgeable people within your community.

    • State your thesis
    • Think critically and write your thesis statement using one sentence. A thesis statement acts like your belief declaration. Your research will have arguments in support and defense of your opinion.

    • Create a tentative outline
    • All your points must relate to your original topic. The outline assists you to think through tactfully and orderly before embarking on writing. Three major things to include in your outline are an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Always make your first outline tentative. A good research paper will be determined by your outline.

    • Organize your notes
    • Organize all collected information in line with your outline. Analyze your research information critically. Make sure the information is accurate, factual and up-to-date. Include opposing views to support your thesis.

    • Write the first draft
    • Start with your first outline. Go through all relevant notes that you gathered. Summarize and quote directly each idea you intend to write. You can use your favorite technique to submit an organized assignment finished as originally outlined.

    • Study your outline and draft
    • Read and correct any errors. Go through your facts and figures. Arrange your ideas according to the outline. Reorganize the outline where necessary and consider the purpose of your research and the reader.

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