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History Essay Topics

The history lecture room can and has always been a room for strange names, people who died years ago, and stories that people sometimes doubt. Given that all that is gone, you cannot say “NO” to history because it is one subject that makes better grades for those who read it. At rare stages, your lecturer might ask you to select a history topic, many people leave asking what to do, but if you are one of them, then it is high time you stopped worrying and read through this. 

Picking the best History Topics

Before writing any work, the writer must brainstorm, so for history, it is just the same thing. This brainstorming idea helps one write well because when one gets a topic, they will think about it for a while before jotting anything, which gives it a lot of meaning and time.

The nature of the topic one must pick should be satisfactory enough to him or her that they can exhaust all the points they think they can. Make sure your essay has the introductory part, the body, and the Conclusive part of completing it. 

History Topic

There are many topics in history, but these few should help one decide what he or she would prefer to do. 

  • The essay about the industrial revolution in England. This essay is more than just an essay because of the nature of the revolution. Analysis of the revolution will prove to be more helpful than ever for better grades; it must be brief enough.
  • In the essay about Martin Luther King, everybody knows him for the fight against racism and all the good deeds; this topic is good because you get to expose a few things that people might not have known.
  • The French Revolution is another historical topic that one can choose to write about because of the leadership portrayed, giving one a lot to write about. 
  • Another exciting topic is the Revolution of America or the American Revolution because it virtually is still in many other Americans’ minds. Given that it was just like the French revolution, this one involved war, so one will have a lot to write about.
  • The 1812 Anglo-American Conflict that happened just after the revolutionary war is pretty good to write about because it has a lot. 
  • Wars make good stories. So when one wants to write a lot that the lecturer gets him good grades, it would be wise to write about war. 
  • One could also choose to write about persons that made history like Adolph Hitler. So getting to write about such people is gradually improving.
  • Since the Slave trade was a major evil in the past, and one can decide to write about slavery and the slave trade. You can exhaust all the points about the event getting better grades.
  • Writing about certain documentaries is also unbelievably juicy because one could focus on writing about World War 1 and not both the World Wars. You will examine what happened and portray all the events and, at last, scoop as many marks as you can hence a successful history topic. 


When one desires to get topics, it is easier to select the firm the above. If one chooses a famous topic already done so often, it becomes monotonous & boring, but if one selects a topic well and writes well, a big reward will await him or her.

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