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Where To Search For A Narrative Research Paper Example

What is a Narrative Research Paper?

A narrative research paper should in no way be confused with your regular research paper that you have probably been exposed to before. A narrative research paper is different in terms of methodology and format and even in the topics that you would consider studying.

Another term for a narrative research is a narrative enquiry. With a narrative research paper, the writer will be required to get as close to the subject of study as possible and to then write that paper in the form of a narration. Writing a paper of this nature can be thought of as telling a story and although this method of research may have come under criticism by scholars, there is no denying that they hold their own advantages.

Advantages of the Narrative Research Paper

  • It is of a more personal nature in the way this paper is written. The use of the first-person narrator, “I” for instance is very much welcomed when writing this paper. There are many useful resources to give you more information.
  • Students get more involved in the topic as this may require interviews, viewing original content, letters, diaries etc. It is about getting as close to the subject of your study as possible which would include a qualitative methodology and primary sources.
  • Some students generally find it easier to write this paper, as it seems less formality is needed which they usually have a problem with.
  • This type of research has the potential to provide enriching information

Disadvantages of a Narrative Research Paper

As with many things we experience in life, there are disadvantages as well to writing a narrative research paper. Some of these are as follows:

  • This tends to be more time consuming
  • Because of its qualitative nature, there is a concern that this method is more likely to run along the lines of subjectivity.
  • It is harder to control biases even if they are not intended by the writer.

Useful Resources

You can find useful resources for locating narrative research paper examples by checking in the following places:

  • Library: Whether you use the public library or the one at your college, you should be able to find examples there.
  • Scholarly articles: There are scholarly articles on the Internet that give you in depth information about narrative research, how to conduct it properly and even arguments about narration being used as a method of conducting a research paper.
  • Previous Students: You can speak with other past students who may still have their narrative research paper and don’t mind sharing with you.
  • Your Professor: When all else fails, your professor has a wealth of knowledge and no doubt have those precious examples somewhere in his office that you can use.

There are many useful resources you can find on the Internet to aid you with your narrative research paper. You may find this type of research to be more fun at first but always remember that this is an academic paper that will take as much time as your common research paper or even more.

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