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How To Find A Research Paper Argument Example

Do you have an assignment to write an argument research paper? There are hundreds of subjects that people can find to argue about in everyday life. The challenge is choosing a subject that is compelling and creative, and being able to find enough solid data to support your claims and refutations. Here are some useful tips for finding examples of argument papers that can help pull together your assignment.

5 Tips to Help You Find Powerful Examples of Argument Papers

  • Ask Fellow Students
  • If you’d like to find out what some of your peers are writing about in their argument papers, ask around. Chances are, someone in one of your classes may have done an assignment related to an argument or debate. They may offer a new perspective that you can utilize in the creation of your own paper. You can also visit MyPaperDone to get professioanlly written custom papers.

  • Scholarly Web Articles
  • There are a number of scholarly web articles that you can find online. Do an internet search of an argument paper, making sure that you are looking at scholarly articles that have a lot of references and citations. Ideally these articles will be backed by universities or academic societies. Look up something specific or do a general browse. Chances are, you will find some examples that will inspire you or help guide your own ideas. Pay attention to dates and make comparisons between older and newer papers.

  • University Web Database
  • Check out your university website to see if they have a database dedicated to professional, scholarly articles. Take advantage of these digital libraries because you may find articles that you would otherwise have to pay for if you weren’t a student. Searching the database of your university also usually means that the examples you find will be well-sourced and peer-reviewed.

  • The Library
  • Head down to the library and look around in the research paper or argument and debate section. You will likely find a variety of topics to choose from and many books will have examples of published argument-related projects. This is also a good place to connect with others who might be browsing the same section. Ask them if they would recommend any good paper examples.

  • Browse the Literature Cited Page
  • If you’ve found an interesting example of an argument paper, don’t skip over the literature cited page! This page can contain references for other examples of papers that may not have come up in your search before. This is a great way to find a larger amount of examples related to a specific topic that you are interested in.

Be mindful of the examples that you find and make sure they have all the components of a proper, well-researched argument paper. It should provide clear and well-supported facts to support or refute arguments, as opposed to overly biased opinions. Read through a large amount of papers to get a broader perspective for your own project.

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