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A List Of Well-Built College Argumentative Research Topics

We all know the feeling that comes crashing whenever your professor at college assigns an argumentative research topic. You get a list in your head, but the list doesn’t seem to play its magic on you because it’s either cliché or too common. Are you looking for the perfect college argumentative research topic, but you’re lost and running out of time? Put your worries aside, because in this list you will find unique and strong argumentative research ideas that will solve your issues.

Money Is the Origin of All Evil

In this topic, you can present two opposing argumentative sides. You can present the dreadful sides of using money, such as some people’s control of power to achieve evil purposes and then present the positive aspects of this argument, by talking about those who apply money for humanitarian purposes.

The Right Age of Drinking

Legal age drinking varies from one country to another. Some countries consider drinking to be a taboo. There are strong opinions on both sides of the debates. In this topic, you can present the arguments for lower drinking age and the arguments against a lower drinking age supported by real life incidents and statistics.

Child Adoption by Gay Couple

This is a strong argumentative topic especially after the legalization of gay marriage in different places around the world. You can present the arguments that support and undermine child adoption by gay families by suggesting the pros and cons of both.

Going to War

An argumentative matter that depicts the incidents the world is going through at this era of time. Why and why not go to war and serve against terrorism and fight for your country? Some people support going to war, others oppose it. Both sides argue about their motives. It is a good matter to present both parties with explanations.

Legalized Prostitution

Prostitution is authorized in many countries and countless people are getting their income out of practicing it. Should prostitution remain taboo? Or have we reached an age where nothing is outlawed as long as it’s an occupation that is bringing income to many?

Video Games: Leisure or Abuse

Video games are central to the entertainment industry and common leisure pursuit. However, there are several arguments regarding video games and their outcomes. Some view them as a source of isolation and aggression, while others examine them as a source of amusement.

The Zoo: A Crime or a Safe Place?

No doubt animals are creatures with souls; they feel, love, cry and give birth. Why do some people regard animals at the zoo as a sort of crime, while others believe that they are positioned in a safe place?

The Prevention of Women’s Veil

No doubt some countries prevent women’s veil or Hijab. If you are someone who have gone through the same experience, or would like to talk about such topic, then this is the right argumentative subject to discuss. Why is it okay to prevent women’s veil in some countries and why on the other hand should women have the freedom of choice to decide?

Love Among Incest

This is a very critical argumentative subject. In many families, love among incest appears to be common. A lot of factual stories have been depicted where a daughter fell in love with her father and so on. You can propose both debates with anti-incest laws and others who support it.

Choosing a catching argumentative topic might not be as easy as it seems. It does take a lot of time. Our argumentative essay tips are meant to save you from investing a lot of time when you choose to come up with a distinctive argumentative topic. After reading this article, you should have developed ideas that will help you stand out from the crowd!

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